Price list and online booking

Prices are shown in the price list without VAT. For the purposes of the Health Services Organisation Act, health care services are not subject to VAT. If you wish for an anonymous service or provide the service as a personal service, VAT will be added to the list price. The VAT rate in Estonia is 20%.

In the online booking form it is possible to book pay services. Prepayment must be paid to confirm the admission time.
To book services not available in online booking form, call the reception +372 6505036.

Failure to appear in the event without good reason or canceling appointment less than 3 working days before agreed receiving time, the clinic is entitled to require a compensation  in the amount of EUR 40.

We also provide consultations and psychotherapy by phone and video call.

If you do not know which specialist to see, book an appointment with a mental health nurse. She will help you choose the right specialist.

The Marienthal Clinic reserves the right to change the price list without notice.

Prices for consultations (click to view)

Initial appointment with a psychiatrist (up to 50 min) 100 €
Repeated appointment with a psychiatrist (up to 50 min) 80 €
Repeated appointment with a psychiatrist (up to 25 min) 50 €
Psychiatrist’s appointment under special conditions 140 €
Treatment counseling for repeat patients via email from 15 €
Psychiatrist home visit to Tallinn Kristiine, Mustamäe and Haabersti district 180 €
Psychiatrist’s home visit to other Tallinn districts and outside Tallinn by agreement
Reception of a children’s psychiatrist and psychologist 150 €
Mental health nurse appointment (up to 50 min) 35 €
Consultation of a clinical psychologist or psychotherapist (up to 50 min) 75 €
Psychologist consultation (up to 50 min) 60 €
Physiotherapist consultation (up to 50 min) 50 €
Consultation of a social worker (up to 25 min) 20 €
Consultation of a social worker (up to 50 min) 40 €

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Examinations prices (click to view)

Examination packages for adults
Primary psychological evaluation 100 €
Psychological examination 500 €
Assessment of mental state by psychologist and psychiatrist 150 €
Assessment of alcohol use disorder 280 €
Additional studies for adult packages
Personality survey 230 €
A study of cognitive function 250 €
Psychological complex survey 450 €
Psychodiagnostics (SNAP) 50 €
TRIPOD test 10 €
Children’s studies and evaluations
Assessment of the child’s mental state and psychological development by a child psychiatrist and psychologist 760 €
Cognitive function study for a child 350 €

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Treatment prices (click to view)

Individual psychotherapy (up to 50 min) 70 €
Family or couples therapy 90 €
Group therapy 20 €
Creative therapy (up to 50 min) 40 €
Physiotherapy (up to 25 min) 25 €
Kinesiological tapping (the cost of tape will added) 10 €
Massage therapy (up to 25 min) 25 €
Hydrophysitherapy Swimitation (25 min) 20 €
Hydrophysitherapy Swimitation (55 min) 35 €
Shock wave therapy 35 €
Transcranial stimulation with direct current 25 €
Treatment with esketamine, intravenous administration 120 €
Treatment with esketamine, intranasal administration (dose of the drug 2 doses) 540 €
Treatment with esketamine, intranasal administration (dose of the drug 3 doses) 750 €

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Prices for receptions (click to view)

Patient co-contribution, physiotherapy from the family doctor’s fund (for every half-hour session) 15 €
Patient co-contribution, psychologist’s appointment from the family doctor’s fund (for each session) 25 €

Call 6505036 to book an appointment

When booking an appointment, the reception desk checks for the existence of a referral from a family doctor.

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